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[5] Canon Characters

Post by Yggdrasil on 13/7/2016, 11:38 am

The major races and species of people that inhabit our world

The diverse, quick-learning, passionate people of Men

The Human race is the dominant sentient being in the world. Humans may be the most dynamic of all the races, running the gamut of good to evil, poor and rich, reclusive and boisterous; their personalities are as diverse as their many subcultures. They are by no means perfect - they are typically stereotyped to possess violent, warlike mindsets, cunning, and the ability to be conniving. Few races match the passion and determination found in Men - however, they are often reputed to possess particular weaknesses for greed and temptation, both of which often lead them astray from their innovative ideas and goals.

It is normally because of these qualities that Humans are not considered to be ideal servants - considering the alternatives that are available, such as the meeker Salaa - though more often than not, on an individual basis, they may prove their worth against the expectations and stereotypes of their kind. If there is ever anything to be said about Humans, it is that they are either horrendously predictable or surprisingly unpredictable with few in between.

Humans in nature, just like their individual quirks and subcultures, are very diverse, but of the most common of their traits is the need to be around other people, Human or otherwise. They naturally possess the ability to adapt quickly to any environment, an innate talent that has allowed humans to spread across all of Tur and flourish in almost all environments.

  • Rarity: The most common race of people on Tur.
  • Age Adjustment: 18 years (adulthood), 80 years (venerable).
  • Reputation: Being the largest population of the world, Humans are generally accepted in most places.
  • Pronunciation & Plural: Hyoo-man - Humans.
  • Typical Origins: No one is sure where the race of Men came from - but they've been here a very, very long time.
  • Typical Proficiencies: Quick-to-learn nearly any skillset if they put themselves to it, the proficiencies of Men vary greatly between individuals. Over all, they excel in politics, commerce, and diplomacy. Human settlements normally thrive and develop quickly.

  • Racial Qualities: Humans are incredibly diverse and versatile - great variations of Human cultures can be found throughout the world. They are the most sexually compatible on Tur and most humanoid races can produce half-Human offspring. Compared to all other intelligent races, Humans as a whole tend to be "average", physically and statistically.

  • Average Height & Weight: Women - 5’5”, 135 lbs. Men - 5’10”, 160 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Features: Compared to other sentient races, Humans tend to be the most flamboyant and diverse, with the widest range of fashion and hair-styles, hair colors, eye colors, and bodily modifications such as tattoos, brands, or piercings.
  • Language(s): Normally Common, but varies with subculture. They tend to learn other languages easily.


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