Penjelasan Mengenai Plot

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Penjelasan Mengenai Plot

Post by Yggdrasil on 15/7/2016, 12:30 pm

This forum is largely used to track participation and/or progress of player and staff plots/events/storylines. All players are encouraged to create and participate in these - all participants and creators will receive rewards upon completion of their "plots" (we will call all P/E/S as "plots" for simplification purposes since it is an all-encompassing term). If at any time you are unable to complete or continue a plot of your creation, you may close it out with a concluding summary.

  • Plots - or threads tagged as [plot] - are a sequence of events/occurrences that could involve anywhere from one to several threads, spanning over any period of time you desire. This is an all-encompassing sort of category and if you aren't sure what to classify your P/E/S as, you can simply call it a plot. Examples of plots could involve embarking/completing a quest, dealing with a situation at a given place, etcetera. 

  • Events - or threads tagged as [event] - are shorter plots that could be seasonal or are anticipated to only run for a certain period of time. The number of threads involved with an event would depend on what sort of event it is - for example, if the event is something that might happen globally in-character, there may be more threads than if it is a local occurrence. Example of what an event could be are the Winter/Summer Bardets, the Antivene Trials, or celebrating IRL events in-character like Halloween by making a "costume" festival occur in a major city.

  • Storylines - or threads tagged as [story] - can either be long, elaborate plots or plots that are more geared towards a specific player character(s) where the point of the plot is for personal character or history development. They normally require several threads and storylines should be anticipated to take some time to complete. You are welcome to have other players participate in storylines; these do not have to be solo endeavors! An example of a storyline could revolve around an orphan character and his journey in trying to find out about his family history and where he came from. World plots that advance the story of the board setting are considered storylines.

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