NPC & Minor Character Profile Template

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NPC & Minor Character Profile Template

Post by Yggdrasil on 11/1/2016, 9:43 am

NPCs & Minor Characters are characters that you either want to share with other players or are characters that are supplemental to the development of your story but are not someone you want to actively roleplay as a fully developed player character. Examples could include the innkeeper of a famous tavern, the NPC head of a college, or a reoccurring villain.

There are two types of NPCs - [public] means that anyone is allowed to use the NPC for whatever they want so long as they document what happens to them by replying to the NPC's profile thread with a summary. [private] means that you do not want to publicly share the NPC and only people who have your permission are allowed to receive access to use them.

If you create a [private] NPC, it must be attached to one of your PCs (player characters). The NPC's reputation and profession level cannot exceed the PC that it is attached to - for example, if you create a NPC attached to a Level 2 (Local Reputation) character, the NPC must either be a Level 2 (Local Reputation) character or lower. This does not apply to staff-approved canon characters.

  • Register an IC account for the NPC.
  • You may post their profile with that account or a staff member can switch it for you.
  • All profiles are required to have a [public] or a [private] tag.
  • All character restrictions still apply to NPCs. Make them as you would make a normal character.
  • Like player characters, NPCs need to be approved as well.

  • If you want access to a public NPC, reply to their profile asking for the ability to post with them.
  • If you want access to a private NPC, please speak to the original creator and ask for permission.
  • If you use a NPC, reply to their profile with a link and a summary or note of what you did.
  • If you mentioned a NPC in a RP post and you didn't want to use their account, please post a note and link.
  • This will serve as a growth/history to develop the NPC as our story progresses.

[center][size=200]NPC FULL NAME[/size]
a private/public NPC character created by [url=ORGANIZER]USERNAME[/url][/center]

[boxhead]NPC INFORMATION[/boxhead][box]

[boxhead]NPC LIFESTYLE[/boxhead][box]
[label]Place of Birth:[/label]
[label]Current Residence:[/label]

[label]Primary Profession:[/label]

[label]Profession Details:[/label]

[boxhead]NPC SKILLS[/boxhead][box]
[label]Areas of Expertise:[/label] [list]
[*] Skill (Level of Mastery)[/list]
[label]Tidetouched?[/label] Yes/No.
[list][*][label]Magemarked?[/label] Yes/No. (You may delete this line if this character is not Tidetouched.)
[*][label]School of Magic:[/label] (You may delete this line if this character is not Tidetouched.)[/list]
[label]Current Extent of Ability:[/label]

[boxhead]NPC APPEARANCE[/boxhead][box]
[label]Height: [/label]
[label]Eye Color:[/label]
[label]Hair Color:[/label]
[label]Distinguishing Features:[/label]


[boxhead]NPC  BACKGROUND[/boxhead][box]
Blurb here.


[label]History & Development:[/label][list][*] List bullets here for easy reading.[/list]

[boxhead]OUT OF CHARACTER[/boxhead][box]
[label]Type of NPC:[/label] Private; you must ask the creator for permission to use this character! (pick one, delete the other)
[label]Type of NPC:[/label] Public; reply to this thread if you wish to have this character added to your change poster dropdown! (pick one, delete the other)
[label]Connected To:[/label] [url=CHARAPPLICATION]PLAYERCHARNAME[/url] (link to the PC this NPC is connected to)
[label]Additional Comments:[/label]

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