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Newbie Guidebook

Post by Yggdrasil on 16/7/2016, 9:27 am

you will find all of the information you need to get started in this thread


    • Intro
      [1] Basic Steps
      [2] Lore/Lexicon
      [3] Character Creation Help

      • Char restrictions
      • Magic
      • Realms, Races, Alignments, etc.
      • Skills

    • Index of useful links

    INTROWelcome to The World of Tur! We are excited to have you here and hope you make Tur your new roleplaying home. Before you go any further we have created this guide to give you an idea of how things work and the best order in which to do things on the site to get started. If you have any further questions or are unsure of anything, please feel free to either private message a staff member (a listing of the current staff members can be found here) or post in our Help Desk which does not require registration to post in.1. Basic StepsWe understand the site information and lore can be a little overwhelming, so these are the basic steps you need to take in order to get started in our community. 

      1. Please read the Community Rules thoroughly.2. Next, create an OOC account before registering any character accounts. This will be the account from which you can manage all your activities on Tur, whilst character accounts will be used solely for roleplay posts. Your OOC account username can be registered with any name you desire, but we recommend that you only use apostrophes ('), hyphens (-), underscores (_), and alphanumeric (A-Z, 0-9) characters. Other symbols or characters may result in issues with account handling. If you would like to change your usernames at any time, you can PM an administrator. 3. Post a Player Organizer using the OOC account you just registered. This can be used for anything and is just a base for you to identify yourself and your characters to the community and, if you wish, organize your activity here. It is essential that you do this so that an administrator can set up your account - your username will turn blue once this is done. You do not need to do anything yourself to the account; we will get to it as soon as possible once we see your new organizer.4. Before creating your first character, familiarize yourself with our lore and lexicon. See the rest of this guide (below) for easier navigation around the site.

    2. Lore/LexiconWhile it is recommended that you take the time to read all the lore listed in the lexicon, we know it is a lot to absorb. For the bare minimum of what you will need to know to participate in our world, please consider reading the following lexicon entries:

    Our Player Lore provides more in-depth information, but is not mandatory reading.3. Character CreationImportant: We recommend that new players do not make their first character have any magical abilities, also known as "Tidetouched" characters. If you desire to make a Tidetouched character anyway, it is crucial you understand the role and stigma of magic in Tur by reading the Theory of Magic page, and following the advice below on creating characters with magical abilities. 

      Character RestrictionsPlease read our current character restrictions.MagicWhile we recommend that members do not start out with a character with magical powers, if you do decide to then please familiarize yourself with how magic works in our world. The lexicon entry on magic and character restrictions pages are important here. Reading the Magic Handbook can provide helpful information. There are several important factors you need to be aware of if you are thinking of making a Tidetouched character:

        Tolerance & StigmaMagic is regarded as highly dangerous and suspicious by the majority of Tur. It is seen as more of a curse than a benefit. In Sauria, it is outright despised and if a mage is caught by officials they will be imprisoned or killed. Many other settlements and areas of Tur have extremely low tolerance, so in general it is kept low-key so as to avoid attention. Borys is perhaps the most lenient, with no special punishments, but it is still seen as something to keep behind closed doors. Rugnos has low tolerance and has a system whereby mages are branded; see below.The MagemarkMagemarking is where the Greater House Toden regulates mages by marking them permanently to keep track of them. Magehunters will seek out Tidetouched to mark and keep tabs on those already marked - however, it is impossible to cover the whole kingdom and they cannot mark every mage out there. Those already Magemarked will be regarded suspiciously but are relatively safe from harm, although this is not always the case everywhere.Level of Power & TrainingMagic is difficult to wield and extremely hard to master. A Tidetouched character who can actively utilize their abilities will have spent years training and honing their skills, whether by trial and error, or by receiving tutelage from someone. Please keep in mind that characters cannot be overly powerful and that it cannot be a passive or automatic ability, it needs to be actively cast. If something is too powerful you will be asked to tone it down.Use of Magic & TechniqueAs mentioned above, in order to use magic, a character must actively cast it. Whether this means invoking by hand gestures, vocal commands, sacrifices, or rituals, there must be action as magic in our world is not involuntary and there is no constant effect magic.Physical and Mental LimitationsYour character must have limitations to using their magic. This includes detailing how much they can do before they are exhausted, and whether overuse of magic can kill them. The Schools of MagicYou can only pick one of six schools of magic, and your character will only be able to cast spells within that school. They do not have an IC choice as to what school they can cast in, it is randomly afflicted (although of course the player chooses).

      The "Current Extent of Ability" section of your profile should be detailed and specific. We review Tidetouched character applications very thoroughly and if anything needs adjusting we will let you know.Factions, Races, Alignments, etc.Most of the sections in the application template are explained on the template page. If you are unfamiliar with character alignments, you can take a look at the alignment lore page. For the 'affiliation' section, you will need to take a look at the Realms of Tur lore page, which you will hopefully already be familiar with. For professions, you may put whatever you wish, keeping in mind that your character is starting out and so will not be in an important position such as royalty or army general. For ideas, we have a list of example professions here or you could check out the roster to see what is already out there.SkillsCurrently there are no specific sets of skills to choose from - you may put what you like. You then choose how proficient they are at a particular skill: Fluent, Average, Above Average, Talented, or Mastered. You could take a look at accepted profiles to get an idea of what people put; some examples may include types of weapon they use, crafts, musical talents, intellectual talents, fields of knowledge such as poisons, stealth, lockpicking, the list is endless!

    4.Inventories and Extra OOC Info Player inventories are purely OOC(Out Of Character). Every registered user gets an inventory automatically. The purpose of your player inventory is to publicly display the accumulation of your rewards, and to allow you to manage them as you wish and to get a better overview of what you have.

      How does an Inventory work?Inventories are created automatically. A staff member will ensure all of your rewards are added to your inventory once the requirements for a reward are met. Reward requirements differ depending on what type of reward it is, and what type of event/way you are earning your reward from. What are Rewards?There are two types of rewards: XP Rewards and Item Rewards. XP Rewards can be earned through different types of events that are hosted every once in a while on the site, through creating a character, creating a piece of world lore, and through completing a thread. XP- Rewards are automatically updated. The XP Rewards are not usable, consumable or active rewards to be used or gifted to other players. They are meant only to track the experience you’ve gained on Tur. To gain XP from a thread, you need to send the thread in for evaluation. This is done through the Thread Evaluation Forum which can be found in the Player Shops ForumItem Rewards can be earned through events only, with one exception: Profession Upgrade Scrolls. Item rewards are usable in a variety of ways, and need to be managed by the player. They can be traded or gifted to other players using the Trading Post, swapped using the Switch Cauldron, used and consumed. Items, such as clothing, are to be utilized only in the OOC game Turventure Time and do not affect anything in character. To do any of these actions, you need to go to the Player Shops ForumTo Feed, Open, Activate or Name your items/Pets, you need to post what you want to do in the Item Usage ThreadLeveling up and Profession Upgrade scrollsScrolls can be earned through events or through accumulating a certain amount of XP by reaching new levels. The amount of XP you require to level up can be seen hereWhere can I see my Inventory?There are several ways you can reach your Inventory log!

    • Go to the portal page. 
      Click your own name, under the avatar. 
      Click the gold-coins Under the avatar to toggle your inventory log
    • Go to the portal page. 
      Scroll down to the “Who is online”- list. 
      Click your own name. 
      Click the Gold-coins under the avatar to toggle your inventory log!
    • Go to any thread you’ve participated in OOC-ly (With your out of character account).
      Click your avatar. 
      Click the Gold-coins under your avatar to toggle your inventory log!

    Index of Useful Links


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