Face-Claim Karakter - DAFTAR DI SINI!

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Face-Claim Karakter - DAFTAR DI SINI!

Post by Yggdrasil on 11/1/2016, 11:49 am

Only characters that use a real life celebrity should make a face claim.

If a claim belongs to a player that has been inactive for two or more months, and you would like to use it, you can do so.

If a character is retired, it no longer holds the right to reserve any face claims.

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To claim a face, please reply to this thread with the following code after your character has been approved. Unfortunately, we will not reserve faces for characters that are works in progress. Anime or illustrated avatars do not need to use a face claim.

NPCs do not hold any rights to face claims - PCs will always have priority. If you feel that your NPC character is important enough to keep the face it has, you should consider upgrading it into a full PC instead. Please keep in mind that if any profession scrolls are required to maintain whatever profession a character had while it was a NPC, you will need to have them to make it into a PC. The only exception to this rule is canon NPCs.

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