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Post by Yggdrasil on 11/1/2016, 2:42 pm

What's An Organizer?

You are welcome to use your organizer however you want it. You can list your characters, provide a little introduction about yourself, post your roleplaying preferences, list methods to contact you, store links, or post nonsense - whatever you please!

The account switching feature will not be enabled on your OOC account until you have posted an organizer. If you cannot think of anything to write or post, just say hi so we can wish you a warm welcome! If you ever want replies deleted so you can post placeholders for future use, feel free to ask a staff member. We encourage veteran members to initiate roleplay with our newer members to help get them involved. Create a roleplay and drop a link to the thread in their organizer to help them get started!

You can create your organizer in this forum.

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